Emma Alicia Montgomery is the main protagonist of Blended Families, and the middle kid of the Montgomery Kids. She’s best friends with Maya Carpenter, and her BFTF is Katelyn Montgomery.

She is portrayed by Zoey Miller.

Personality Edit

Emma is very considerate of others’ feelings, she always cares a lot about her siblings and she tries to make them feel better when they are sad. She is also getting really used to not being noticed.

Biography Edit

The Pilot Edit

In this episode, Emma’s life got turned on its head, and she had a bunch of new siblings, but she had to get used to it quick.

Adjustments Edit

In this episode, Emma is getting used to her family dynamics (having 3 sisters, 3 brothers, and 2 parents for once!) and she is getting used to not being noticed as the middle of 7.

Sleepover! Edit

In this episode, to simulate Jacob’s and Gwenny’s visits to her biological dad’s house, Emma and her step-sisters spend the night at her mom’s work.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She skipped a grade
  • Emma’s BFTF is Katelyn Montgomery.
  • She, Jacob, and Gwenny stayed at their old school (their school prior to their mom’s remarriage) until a holiday break where they switched, though it is unknown which holiday break.