Katelyn Emily Montgomery is the tritagonist of Blended Families, she is also the second-oldest of the Montgomery kids. She is best friends with Miriam, and her BFTF is Emma Montgomery.

She is “portrayed” by Nikki Hahn.

Personality Edit

Katelyn is a very kind, sweet, and caring person. She is nice to all her siblings, but she sometimes gets annoyed with her youngest siblings, and gets into small things with Charlotte Montgomery.

Biography Edit

The Pilot Edit

In this episode, Katelyn unwittingly makes Charlotte jealous by being Emma's BFTF.

Adjustments Edit

In this episode, Katelyn and Emma get in a fight because Emma feels unnoticed in the family.

Sleepover! Edit

In this episode, Katelyn goes with Emma, Charlotte, and Christina to her work and spend the night after Gwenny and Jacob go to Emma’s biological dad’s.

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